Photographer guidelines

Want to get your photos published in Wanderlust? Read these guidelines first...

Wildlife photography is a fine art to master (Shutterstock)

Photographing for Wanderlust

We only rarely accept unsolicited material. Realistically, you have a one in 800 chance of a photograph being accepted.

Please read our guidelines for contributors below carefully and note that we do not accept enquiries or proposals by telephone or email. Nor do we respond to postal contributions unless a SAE (self-addressed envelope) or IRC (International Reply Coupon) is enclosed.

Guidelines for photographers

Wanderlust regularly uses freelance photographers and photo libraries. Please note that we only use high-quality slides, taken on professional film, or digital files of a suitable size and quality for publication in a glossy magazine.

To be considered please first send a summary of available work. It is a good idea to send samples of work but keep to a minimum – e.g. one sheet of duplicate slides – and note that we cannot be responsible for unsolicited original material. Please enclose return postage. Laser copies, postcards or tear sheets can also be sent as samples. Sorry – we do not make our feature list available.

Please note:

  1. We cannot be held responsible for unsolicited originals
  2. Transparencies (slides 35mm or larger) must be taken on professional film (eg.Velvia)

  3. We do not use prints or negatives, with the occasional exception of black & white

  4. Please include a maximum of 20 digital files on a CD (one CD per submission). CDs must be cross-platform PC/Mac

  5. Please send 35mm slides in an appropriate sheet - not loose or in a box

  6. All submitted pictures should be clearly labelled, and an index of captions supplied

  7. Please make clear whether shots are originals or duplicates

  8. We recommend that valued or original material is sent by registered or recorded mail

  9. Wanderlust does not, as a matter of policy, pay search fees

  10. Unsolicited material will not be returned unless sufficient postage, an SAE or international reply coupons are included.

Digital photography

We do accept digital images. As a guideline, the minimum file sizes required at 300dpi resolution are:

  • Quarter page: 1240 x 930 pixels (3.3MB)

  • Half page: 2480 x 1860 pixels (13.2MB)

  • Full page: 2569 x 3425 pixels (25.2MB)

  • Double-page spread: 4961 x 3425 pixels (48.6MB)

Note: please include with your submission a thumbnail printout stating the pixel dimensions of each digital file.


  1. Photographs for articles – Authors will be asked to submit accompanying photographs if available, but other photographers’ work will also generally be considered. Therefore, it is essential that we have up to date details on file.

  2. 'First Sight' – A stunning, stand-alone photograph used as a double-page spread. This can be any location or topic, but must be inspirational or intriguing and shout ‘travel’. It needs to be a landscape-shaped shot with the point of interest on the left or right-hand side, and the type of picture you would hang on your wall.

  3. Photo-features & photo-essays – These must be visually stunning! Send samples with your proposal. Black & white is considered.

  4. Front covers – Possible front covers are always required. Stunning, bold, uncluttered, colourful images only. Images need to be inspirational and give a sense of place. Our readers' first reaction on seeing the cover must be "Wow – I want to be there". Should be vertical or suitable for being cropped.

Commissioned and accepted work

Wanderlust does not generally commission photographs. While the editor may ask for material to be submitted, this does not guarantee acceptance for publication.

Selected material will be returned as soon as possible after publication. Photographers should bring to our attention any calls upon their work which are likely to interfere with their availability for Wanderlust.


Payment is at a standard rate according to reproduction size. Payment is within 30 days of publication.

Travel photography competitions

Wanderlust holds a travel photography competition in every issue of the magazine, as well as the UK’s largest annual Travel Photo of the Year competition.

Please visit Wanderlust's Travel Photo of the Year 2019 competition page to enter. This year's contest is open to amateur and aspiring travel photographers.


Please email Graham Berridge, Art Director using