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February / March 2023


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The Wanderlust Hot List 2023

The Wanderlust editors and readers have picked their most desirable destinations to travel this year



Australia special!

  • Northern Territory – discovering the secrets of Aboriginal Australia
  • After the fires - Kangaroo Island’s flora and fauna is bouncing back
  • The cultural side of Sydney



The real Polar Express

Taking the train to the Arctic Circle in search of huskies, ice hotels and the aurora borealis



Road-tripping the Pacific Northwest

Washington State and Oregon have wilderness, history and surprises galore





Dispatches: Alberta by horseback with a First Nations Guide

Dispatches: Philadelphia, USA

British Break: The Wirral

Indigenous Culture: Taiwan

Arts & Crafts: Hungary

European Short Break: Alpes de Haute Provence

World Heritage: Potosi, Bolivia

WanderSleeps: Irish Castles

World Food: Jewish

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